Maximize Efficiency: Vahterus PSHE Power Award-Winning Heat Pumps at Queens Quay

In 2017, Vahterus UK embarked on an innovative journey with Star Renewable Energy for the iconic Queens Quay heat network project. The mission: to integrate Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers (PSHEs) into two 2.65 MW River Source Heat Pumps, drawing their energy from the Clyde Estuary. These PSHEs, serving as condensers, desuperheaters, sub-coolers, and oil coolers, were chosen for their compact size and low ammonia charge.

Fast forward five years, and these heat pumps, powered by eco-friendly ammonia, stand as Scotland's largest, hottest, natural-working-fluid, water source heat pumps. Their exceptional performance earned West Dunbartonshire Council, the project's visionary, the esteemed '2021 City of the Year' award from the European Heat Pump Association.

Today, a vibrant community thrives on this network, encompassing a Leisure Centre, 130 modern apartments, a Town Hall, two Business Centre buildings, and a Health Care Centre. This network is expanding, with plans to include a Hospital, College, and several high-rise accommodations in the coming years.

In terms of energy efficiency, the CO2 savings compared to conventional gas systems reach an impressive 80%. As the grid transitions to full electrification from renewables (a target set before 2030), this reduction will soar to a monumental 100%.

Star Heat Pump in the Energy Centre at Queens Quay. CO2 savings compared to gas are 80% and improving.

Inspired by this triumph, Star is gearing up for two new ventures: a 3000kW system in Bristol, utilising the floating harbour in Castle Park as the heat source, and another in Jarrow, South Tyneside, harnessing the power of the River Tyne.

Nicky Cowan, Manager of Star Renewable Energy, reflects on the project: "Heat pumps, whilst an old concept, are not well known. They're relatively simple. The hard bit is to get the best performance and that's where the challenge begins. Star aims to harness every piece of available heat in various heat exchange processes, but they all interact. I'm really grateful to Paul Button at Vahterus for his diligence, patience and quick responses, which helped us on our way to success."

Paul Button, Director at Vahterus UK, adds: "To see the working benefits of such a successful project with Vahterus technology at it’s heart is a very proud moment for us. In the present economic climate, with rising energy costs and inflation, it’s encouraging to see systems such as this providing significant savings for users on the Network."

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