Invoicing Details

Vahterus Oy accepts e‑invoices.

PDF invoic­es via email

Invoic­ing address: tieto_​pl3342@​xbs-​salo.​com

Invoic­es must be attached in PDF for­mat, with only one invoice per PDF. We can­not process invoic­es sent in any oth­er for­mat. We will send you con­fir­ma­tion of each invoice received. This ser­vice only accepts invoices.

Paper invoic­es

Our invoic­ing address for paper invoic­es is:

Vahterus Oy

P.O. Box 3342 


Invoic­es sent to this scan­ning ser­vice must include the P.O. Box, postal code and loca­tion of the scan­ning ser­vice as the invoic­ing address, nev­er the street or vis­it­ing address. If you send sev­er­al invoic­es in a sin­gle enve­lope, each invoice must include the P.O. Box of the scan­ning service. 

For any ques­tions relat­ed to elec­tron­ic invoic­ing, please con­tact Han­na Kilpi or Asta Elo:

Han­na Kilpi, hanna.​kilpi@​vahterus.​com, +358 2 8407221

Asta Elo, asta.​elo@​vahterus.​com, +358 2 8407287