How to condense gases in a PSHE

Condensers convert vapour into liquid. Vapour condenses on the surface, which is colder than the saturation temperature of the vapour. In a plate heat exchanger, the condensing liquid creates a film where the steam condenses, known as film condensation. Direct condensation on the plate surface occasionally occurs.

Condensing can also take place on the plate pack side of the heat exchanger. This allows very effective condensing, but the connection size is limited to the relevant plate size. Both shell-side and plate-side condensing can be controlled with the same methods.

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Vahterus condensers are used in industrial refrigeration, cargo carriers, overhead condensers, steam condensers and in all cases where a safe and effective condenser is needed. The construction of the Vahterus PSHE makes it possible to vary gas and condensate nozzle size and nozzle locations. Additionally, it is possible to integrate a condensate tank with a level-control system or to add an extra connection for inert gas removal.

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Most common Condenser applications:

  • Refrigerant Condensers
  • Heat-pump condensers
  • Multi-Condensers
  • Steam Condensers
  • Cargo Condensers
  • Vent Condensers
  • Solvent Condensers
  • Vapour-recovery condensers

Other applications




Typically, evaporation takes place on the shell side of the Vahterus heat exchanger, where variable nozzle size is possible, and where there...

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