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Vahterus employee in production site in Kalanti

Established in 1990, Vahterus is a Finnish family business focused on sustainable heat exchanger solutions. Our Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger technology is utilised in various demanding processes in the oil and gas, chemical and process, energy and refrigeration industries worldwide.

We currently employ more than 250 people in five countries. With headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Finland, Vahterus has subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, China and the US, and a global network of more than 50 distributors.

Qualities such as simplicity and meaningfulness, caring for the environment, reliability, trustworthiness, innovation and customer focus have always been fundamental to the way we think and act as a company. We’re proud of our Finnish roots, and of our dedicated work community, which we call ’our gang’.

We’re always looking for new talent. Please send us an open application or keep an eye on job opportunities by clicking on the links above.

Vahterus Production Director Matti Kontu at Achema 2018 fair