Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers for Every Application

S8 A4834

Our product range contains nine different plate sizes, which means there’s a suitable plate size for every application. Thanks to our advanced manufacturing techniques, we can provide plates of different thicknesses to meet customer needs. The material of the plate is also chosen individually for every application. After pressing and cutting, the plates are welded together, with the gaps between the plates functioning as channels for hot and cold heat circulation. The plate pack is then installed in a cylindrical shell. Hot and cold circulations run in opposite directions on each side of the plates, and each gap has alternately a ‘plate side’ circulation and a ‘shell side’ circulation. The circulation is directed into the pack of plates and out through combination pipes.

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Fully welded and gasket free, the structural properties of Vahterus heat exchangers make them durable, easy to maintain and energy-efficient.
Vahterus fully-welded plate pack
The welded plate pack consists of round plates, which guarantees even distribution of stress.
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Light and compact, our heat exchangers are easy to transport and install. They can be used in locations where weight limits apply, and require no additional support structures.
Vahterus automated production technology
In order for the heat exchanger to work as planned, its welding must be of the highest quality. Uncompromising work and demanding testing guarantee maximum durability of our product.
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Without heat exchangers, industries and households would stop running. Learning from real life problems and finding solutions to each unique requirement is what makes our work feel meaningful.