Invoicing Details

Vahterus Oy accepts e-invoices.

PDF invoices via email

Invoicing address:

Invoices must be attached in PDF format, with only one invoice per PDF. We cannot process invoices sent in any other format. We will send you confirmation of each invoice received. This service only accepts invoices.

Paper invoices

Our invoicing address for paper invoices is:

Vahterus Oy

P.O. Box 3342


Invoices sent to this scanning service must include the P.O. Box, postal code and location of the scanning service as the invoicing address, never the street or visiting address. If you send several invoices in a single envelope, each invoice must include the P.O. Box of the scanning service.

For any questions related to electronic invoicing, please contact Hanna Kilpi or Asta Elo:

Hanna Kilpi,, +358 2 8407221

Asta Elo,, +358 2 8407287