Vahterus Test Lab Was the Coldest Spot This Winter

Vahterus is currently undertaking an interesting series of tests. Previously, we have focused on high temperatures, phase-changing phenomena and fluid hydraulics. This time, Vahterus test lab personnel are conducting a larger series of cryogenic tests.

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Vahterus FEM Simulations Rise to the Cryogenic Challenge

Low temperatures and widely varying temperature differences in cryogenic applications can cause high stresses to the constructions. Practical testing of constructions is often complicated and time consuming, which is why modelling and simulation tools have become an important part of the development process.

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Vahterus Hot Cold 1 2019 How We Work

Heat Transfer Research HTRI

As Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers gain acceptance in the process industry, many potential users are seeking validated performance data of the latest commercial plate technology so that they can be assured of adequate operation. HTRI, a leading source of process heat-transfer technology, is working with Vahterus to assess the PSHE performance for liquid-liquid and boiling service.

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Even more compact, Combined C

Vahterus is actively developing products for the refrigeration industry. This fall, the R&D team introduces a second-generation combined evaporator, Combined C, for even more compact refrigeration packages.

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Combined C Horizontal

Vahterus Service Available

Vahterus Service can offer a Performance Check of existing heat exchangers. Tests can be done either in-house at Vahterus facility or on site.

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Vahterus Hot Cold 1 2019 Services

Slimmer Sibling for Vahterus Plate Family

The family of Vahterus heat transfer plates continues to grow with a new plate. The slimmer plates, launched in mid-2018, use the shape of an athletics field, combined with the same optimal corrugation options as the Vahterus round plates.

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