Custom-built Solutions

We provide custom-built heat exchanger solutions for the chemical and process, energy and refrigeration industries worldwide. Our years of experience mean can optimise systems for even the most challenging conditions. Light and compact, our PSHEs are easy to transport and install, and can be used in locations where weight limits apply.

Since the beginning, our mission has been to provide the best heat exchanger solutions for our customers.
Welder Cai Guo Dong measuring a unit under production in Vahterus assembly plant in Zhangjiangang, China.
Highly automated plate production lines and modern welding solutions enhance our product quality.
To achieve the best possible solution for your needs, our heat exchangers are always custom-made and designed with your input from the very beginning.
We aim to maintain our position as forerunners in our field through continuous product development, automated production technology and strong application know-how.