Interactive Model of Vahterus PSHE Combined Evaporator

Interact with our 3D model to explore the Vahterus Plate & Shell Combined Evaporator

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How to use the 3D Model

The 3D Model can't show if cookies are declined. The 3D Model is not accessible if you have declined cookies for this website due to its technical setup.

See the Heat Exchanger in 3D. Click and drag with your mouse, or move with your finger on mobile.

Open the Heat Exchanger for more details.
Click or tap on the end plate to open and close the Heat Exchanger.

Learn more about the Heat Exchanger key features. Click the dots (numbers) on the Heat Exchanger to learn more about the key features.

The 3D experience features a realistically rendered, true-to-scale 3D model of a fully welded Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger, including several ‘hotspots’ that enable in-depth information of the key features such as welding and plate-pack construction.

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