Large Reboiler Units and Heat Exchangers to Ningxia in China

A large industrial centre focusing on energy generation and the petrochemical use of mineral coal is currently being built in the region of Ningxia Hui in Northern China.

The facility in Ningdong, approximately 900 kilometres west of Beijing, will become one of Asia’s largest industrial centres for the petrochemical refining of mineral coal. The largest known mineral coal deposit of the Ningxia region is located in Ningdong, with an estimated capacity of 27 billion tons. The plan is to increase the capacity of industrial facilities, utilising the deposit to manufacture approximately 20 million tons of ready-made products annually in the next ten years.

One part of the project is a petrochemical factory manufacturing propylene (a component required when producing many plastic products) from methanol. The production unit will be opened in 2010. The process concept, where mineral coal is refined into methanol and further refined into propylene, is a European idea, and the Ningdong facility is the first facility in the world to apply it.

‘In the designing stage of the new process we were able to include our products in the defined components list’, explains Vahterus’ Chemical and Process Business Director Marko Rantala. ‘When the concept developer sold the process to China, we also received an invitation to tender.’ Vahterus delivered 20 units for the project, including large reboiler units and a group of heat exchangers of different sizes.