Vahterus Seeks New Avenues for Local Manufacturing in The USA

2023 was a record year in sales for Vahterus and the Group’s turnover grew 38% globally.

As a key part of the Group’s global growth strategy, Vahterus is currently exploring new avenues for local manufacturing to enhance its expansion plans in the USA and worldwide. ‘In order to strengthen our presence and accommodate our growing market demands, we’ve temporarily stopped our manufacturing operations at Vahterus Manufacturing Inc. in Irwin, Pennsylvania’ says Mauri Kontu, CEO and owner of the Vahterus Group. During this transition, all heat exchangers destined for the USA market will be made in Finland, ensuring the highest quality and reliability for our customers.

‘We’ve quickly outgrown the factory, and the current facilities do not respond to our rapidly expanding market demands in the region’, says Jonathan Pascoe, President of Vahterus Americas. We are looking for a new location for US manu- facturing while also enlarging the sales team in the region. Please get in touch with our team for open positions.

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Mauri Kontu
CEO, Vahterus Group
Tel. +358 44 742 7010

Jonathan Pascoe
President, Vahterus Americas
Tel. +1 704 351 6226