Collaborative Research Project to Develop Next-Generation Heat-Pump Solutions

Vahterus’ experience in refrigeration and heat-pump systems is far-reaching. However, the demand for heat pumps has increased dramatically in recent years and more research and development is needed within the field. There is a need for higher temperatures and new refrigerants are being introduced into improved systems.

This year, Vahterus takes part in a collaborative research project to develop next-generation heat-pump solutions together with LUT University and a number of other Finnish industrial partners and organisations (Yaskawa Environ- mental Energy / The Switch, Fincoil LU-VE, Suomen Tekojää, Nevel, Suur-Savon Sähkö and Suomen lämpöpumppu- yhdistys).

Vahterus has been part of the collaboration since summer 2022. The overall aim of the project is to improve the global competitiveness of the Finnish heat pump industry. The two-year research project is funded by Business Finland.

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