Season's Greetings from Vahterus

Dear Partners,

For Vahterus, this has been a very good year in many ways, despite the challenges of COVID-19 continuing globally. My deepest thanks go to you, our valued partners, and to the whole Vahterus team.

As we know, Santa Claus lives in Lapland, in Northern Finland. We’ve learned that it’s wise to write him a letter listing our Christmas gift wishes and hopes for the New Year. Here are three items from me:

1. Please try to settle the COVID-19 virus globally, so that we can stabilise and get back to our normal daily life as soon as possible.

2. Remind us regularly of what’s important in life. I often say that life comes down to three simple things: family, health and work. Taking care of our health and our nearest and dearest allows us to thrive at work, too.

3. In heat transfer, please teach people to be more aware of global warming and ready to choose sustainable heat-transfer systems with natural refrigerants.

Happy Holidays and a bright New Year 2022!

Together we succeed!

Mauri Kontu

Founder and CEO