Vahterus China Plant Back to Normal Operation

The COVID-19 pandemic first hit Vahterus China in late January 2020, during the Chinese New Year celebrations. During several weeks of strict lock-down measures imposed by the government, the team managed to overcome the isolation, anxiety and disruption to life routines. After receiving governmental approval to restart the operation on 17 February, we worked closely with our customers to adjust delivery schedules and minimise impact. Some of our Chinese suppliers returned to operation a few weeks later. Logistics in the Eastern China region were also restored to normal by end of February.

We sincerely thank our valued customers and colleagues for their support and commitment in this time of need. When our health is threatened, we start to realise how precious it is. When our team members are separated, we start to realise how valuable we are to each other in our work. Tomorrow is unknown, but from our experience in China, we do know that by working together and caring for each other’s wellbeing, we will come out of this crisis with more resilience and strength.

Together, we succeed!

Tracy Hakala

Vahterus APAC

Vahterus team at the assembly plant in Zhangjiangang, China
Vahterus team at the assembly plant in Zhangjiangang, China