John Ritmann Joins Vahterus

An important part of Vahterus’ business comes from industrial refrigeration focusing on natural refrigerants like ammonia and CO2. We have made great developments in this area over the years, largely driven by our concerns about global warming. Today, this is everyone’s concern and the news is full of stories about how people are attempting to solve or at least improve the situation. In Europe, significant development work was initiated in the late 1990s by Nestlé in Switzerland, who created CIDig, a group of companies working on industrial refrigeration.

These companies, such as Walter Wettstein, Star Refrigeration, Gea Grasso, Nestlé, TH Witt, HERL and Vahterus, very quickly began developing natural refrigerant components, systems and processes. During the next few years, a total of over 100 companies globally joined the CIDig group. One crucial participant in this development work was John Ritmann from Denmark, who was working at Sabroe-York-JCI group and then at Gea Grasso and later at Bitzer. Over the past 30 years, he and his teams have been very active in developing natural refrigerant systems, especially around compact chillers and compressor packages. Part of this work has been developing heat exchangers together with manufacturers, including Vahterus.

I am pleased to announce that Ritmann will join Vahterus’ on 1 August 2020. He will be an important part of our product and system development team, engineering training for our staff and for you. His presence at Vahterus will help us find the green solutions for which we continuously strive.

Together we succeed!

Mauri Kontu

Founder and CEO