Thank you visiting us at POWERGEN Europe

Our stand is cleared, the show display packed up for the next destination – three days in Paris with POWERGEN Europe have come to an end. The conclusion that we take from the event is that the attention to the energy transition shaping the future of the global energy sector is greater than ever.

At the kickoff keynote session, Francesco La Camera, Director General at International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), presented positive developments in the field of renewable energy. One of the keys for the energy transition, he reported, is that the cost of renewables is falling to the same level as that of traditional energy. He also shared IRENA’s forecast for renewables used in power generation, a key for decarbonisation of energy systems: they predict that their use will increase from today’s 25% to 86% in 2050. Finally, he shared that IRENA estimates that investment of $110 trillion will be needed to reach Europe’s 2050 decarbonisation goal, equivalent to investing about 2 percent of global GDP yearly. However, each dollar invested forecasted resulting in a return of $3–$7.

At Vahterus, we have focused on designing sustainable and efficient heat exchanger solutions since 1990 – a key to the energy transition, both in the present and the past.