Thank you for visiting us at Gastech 2019

Gastech 2019, one of the most important natural gas, LNG and energy events, has closed its doors for this year, having welcomed over 35,000 visitors.

The future of power and the energy value chain, with a focus on LNG, were the major topics discussed.

Susan Dio, Chairman and President of BP Americas, highlighted the challenge posed by the need to cut carbon emissions by 50% while demand for energy continues to increase. She concludes that ‘We need reliable, affordable energy across the globe, and natural gas plays a key role in that.’

While the demand for oil may plateau in a few years, forecasts by Shell indicate LNG demand of close to 400 million tonnes in 2020. McKinsey reinforces these numbers by predicting a 3.6 percent per year increase until 2035.

Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers are ideally suited for LNG applications, and our team has extensive experience in this field, so we see positive aspects to this development.

Thank you Gastech for this year!

Next year’s conference is set to take place in Singapore. We at Vahterus look forward to participating and sharing our latest knowledge about LNG & gas heat exchangers.