Student Competition Introduced New Simulations Skills

This fall, Vahterus collaborated with Turku University of Applied Sciences and EDRMedeso on a student competition for fourth-year mechanical engineering students.

The competition started in September and the winners were announced on December 7th. A student trio Niklas Tähtinen, Sami Peltonen and Lassi Muhonen took the first price for their project.

Overall, the student projects were high quality and the competition introduced new simulation skills. “This competition offered a unique opportunity for students to explore industrial product development and we are happy to seeing the results”, says Valtteri Haavisto, Customer Service Director at Vahterus.

The competition was a part of Engineering Project unit at Turku University of Applied Science. During the project, students got the opportunity to test simulation tools by EDRMedeso, a leading provider of simulation software. The aim was to design a simulation solution for an impingement plate that protects heat exchangers from mechanical erosion.

Eero Immonen, Principal Lecturer at Turku University of Applied Sciences, sees this competition as a valuable introduction to the industry. Students got the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to a real-life industry context and demonstrate their competence to potential future employers.

Student Competition with Turku University of Applied Sciences
Award ceremony at Turku University of Applied Sciences

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