Solvent Condenser

PSHE solvent condensers are an efficient and safe solution for batch processes. PSHEs can condense different types of solvents, raise your plant capacity and lower energy costs. PSHEs have shorter condensation cycles because of their quick reaction times and low charge. The PSHE is very flexible in design: you can add vent and drain connections with/ without flanges, CIP connections etc., depending on your process needs. The most common solution opted for by our customers is to position the solvent inlet on the side of the heat exchanger. Condensate can be fully drained from the bottom of the heat exchanger to the round shell. There is a connection on the top of the heat exchanger from which noncondensables and inert gases can be easily vented.

Benefits of Solvent Condenser

  • Compact size
  • Possibility for inert / condensate removal
  • Low pressure drop
  • Close approach temperatures
  • Small charge
  • Corrosion resistance material available (Hastelloy, Titanium)
  • Flexible design
  • Fast control

Applications for Solvent Condenser

  • Condensing different types of solvents
  • Used specially in batch processes inpharmaseutical, fine and speciality chemical industries