Steam Generator

We have developed a highly efficient steam generator (reboiler) with a quick reaction time and low pressure drop. Fluid in the shell side is fed from the bottom, and steam (hydrocarbon) is generated through the plate pack. Only the dry steam (gas vapour) can leave the heat exchanger from the top connection because the demister on the top of the shell ensures that droplets cannot escape the unit.

This proven demister technology is developed by Vahterus and used in our Industrial Refrigeration systems. When dry gas is not required, or flooded evaporation is acceptable, the steam generator can be used without the demister. Hot water, hot oil or process steam can condense in the plate side, depending on the process requirements.

Benefits for Vahterus Steam Generator Reboiler

  • Quick reaction time
  • Low pressure drop
  • Close approach temperatures
  • Small footprint
  • Kettle type also possible
  • Flexible design
  • Available in stainless steel

Applications for Vahterus Steam Generator Reboiler

  • Steam generators in many industries (i.e. food industry, tyre manufacturing etc.)
  • Re-boilers: both flooded and forced pump circulation types