Season's Greetings 2020

Join our founder and CEO Mauri Kontu at Vahterus Virtual Showroom for his annual Season's Greetings in 360.

Or play our holiday game Catching Combined

Vahterus CEO Mauri Kontu

For more virtual reality experiences with your Vahterus VR headset, please visit:

  1. Total Solar Eclipse - a 360-video seen from space :
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  3. Invasion - a colorful VR story about Mac and Cheez:
  4. Diving with sharks - experience sharks up close with 360-degree views:
  5. Hunting of the Fallen - a Star Wars fan-film in 360:
  6. The Loud House - a 360-degree cartoon:
  7. Cooking with Jamie Olivier - a quick cheese omelette baguette:
  8. Duck Tales - Disney classics in 360: