Vahterus PSHE Multi-Condenser

Vahterus has developed a new type of heat exchanger that combines desuperheating, condensating and subcooling in a single unit.

The new Vahterus PSHE Multi-Condenser is a new model of ammonia condenser developed primarily for the growing heat-pump market, but suitable for other condensing applications such as steam condensers.

Vahterus PSHE Multi-Condenser improves the heat pump system COP (Coefficient of performance), desuperheating, condensating and subcooling the ammonia in a single unit, allowing for multiple variations.

The new product offers increased safety and a service-free future for the customer. The fully welded plate construction has no gaskets that require service or create possible leakage risk for the surrounding environment.

The installed heat-pump capacity of Vahterus condensers is over 1000MW. The new Vahterus PSHE Multi-Condenser will make it possible to get even more capacity and higher system COP in the coming years.