24 July 2020

Dear Partner,

In Finland, autumn and winter are long dark periods of the year when days are short. So everyone longs for the spring and summer seasons to start, and for the holiday to begin. In the Nordic region, it’s very common to have a four-week summer holiday.

We’re now enjoying this period at Vahterus. Our factory in Finland is closed for three weeks. The reason why we completely close down our factory for a few weeks is that when, some years ago, we ran the factory at 50% capacity for 2 months during the holiday season, we found that this impacted our efficiency much more detrimentally than a full three-week closure.

But the heat-transfer world is running 24/7, and therefore all our offices globally and our manufacturing facilities in China are working hard in order to ensure the best possible service for you, our partners. All your orders were shipped to you before our factory closed. We sincerely thank you for these, which continue to grow in number, promising another successful year. And many thanks to our staff too, for making these orders happen. You’ve earned your well-deserved break.

In August, we start again at full speed. In the meantime, take care and stay healthy.

Together we succeed!

Mauri Kontu

Founder and CEO