World’s Largest Temporary Power Generation Company Trusts Vahterus Products

Aggreko plc is the world’s largest temporary power generation company, and a major supplier of temperature-control equipment. Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, Aggreko provides power generation and temperature control solutions to customers who need them either very quickly or for a short length of time.

Minimising down time

The down times during unplanned maintenance or even planned equipment replacements can have great economic impact on any production process. Aggreko offers tailor-made temporary heating/cooling solutions for process industry to achieve uninterrupted production.

When a chemical plant in Europe was planning a major change in its existing condensation system, it contacted Aggreko’s Process Services Department (APS) to design and implement a temporary low-temperature (-40°C) cooling solution system to keep the production running during the months when the maintenance work would be carried out.

Partnering with Kapp

In the space of two weeks, Aggreko commissioned a temporary low-temperature condensing system using Shell & Plate heat exchangers, low-temperature chillers and a control system to maintain a safe and reliable condensation system.

The heat-transfer engineering was realised in partnership with Kapp, official representative of Vahterus. For projects with space constraints and/or demanding process conditions, APS-Europe can take advantage of Vahterus PSHEs when implementing heating/cooling solutions.