World’s Largest Temporary Power Generation Company Aggreko

Aggreko plc is the world’s largest temporary power-generation company, and a major supplier of temperature-control equipment. Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, Aggreko provides power generation and temperature-control solutions to customers who need them either very quickly or for a short length of time.

With increasing ambient temperatures during the summer, the process operation conditions are changing for many industries. The first effects of the high ambient temperatures can be seen mainly in cooling water systems and feed/product tanks, which can affect production rates significantly.

A refinery in Europe is cooling the hydrocarbon rundown stream with an effluent heat exchanger and afterwards with a water-cooled heat exchanger. To keep operating conditions safe during the hot season and not reduce production capacities, the refiner contacted Aggreko’s Process Services Department (APS) to design and implement a temporary cooling solution system.

Aggreko commissioned in one week a temporary cooling system using heat exchangers, chillers and control system to maintain the required product temperatures. The temperature bottleneck of the production was solved and the refiner could continue its operations with the same operating conditions as in winter. Heat-transfer engineering was realised in partnership with KAPP Nederland B.V, the official representative of Vahterus in the Benelux countries.

For projects with space constraints and/or demanding process conditions, APS-Europe can take advantage of Vahterus PSHEs when implementing heating/cooling solutions. Aggreko has used Vahterus Plate & Shell heat exchangers in its solutions for more than ten years.

Fuat Ayar

Process Design Engineer at Aggreko