Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers for a Chemical Plant In Antwerp

For a chemical plant in Antwerp, Kapp received an order for two separate Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers. The applications for the heat exchangers are not extremely difficult however the end user is very pleased to have found this type of heat exchanger which is completely new to this plant.

Tailored solution

The first heat exchanger, type 4HH-200/2/1, is in use as a heater. The product needs to be heated to prevent it from hardening during transportation. The product, supplied to a client in Germany, is transported in insulated containers. However, sometimes the trip might just take a little bit longer than intended. To avoid hardening of the product, it is loaded at an elevated temperature (130°C). This is where the heater is being used. The loading is not a continuous activity. To keep the heat exchanger from blocking when idle, the warm product is circulated through the heat exchanger from the tank. The actual use of the unit is cyclic. Due to chemical reason, a welded heat exchanger was required. The Vahterus Plate & Shell is welded and doesn’t contain any seals.

Plate & Shell replacing block type heat exchanger

The second heat exchanger (5HH- 400/4/4) will be used as a preheater for a reactor. Steam condensate is used as a heating medium. The new Plate & Shell is a replacement for a Block type heat exchanger, which was not suited for the cyclic duty and in this case, it was leaking. A situation not acceptable in the chemical environment.

The engineering department of the chemical company was not familiar with the Vahterus Plate & Shell heat exchanger technology.