Vahterus Combined Generating Clean Steam for Vanilla Cream Production

Orkla is the Nordic region's leading player in brands and concept solutions for grocery retail and large households.

In 2004, Orkla acquired a Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger (PSHE) with separate droplet separator for steam generation. Orkla had a very positive experience with the steam generator, which was in operation for more than ten years without any issues. When Orkla Foods Sweden needed an additional steam generator skid for its new vanilla cream production line, the company started to look at a new Vahterus exchanger, together with one of our local distributors in Sweden, Spirax Sarco.

The task for the new unit was to generate 7 bar(g) dry clean steam using 8.2 bar(g) black steam and to sub-cool the condensate. To complete the task, a steam generator with droplet separation and a condensate cooler/feed water pre-heater was needed. The challenge this time was the height limitations for the skid in the production, which made the Vahterus PSHE Combined model the best choice. The compact size of the combined unit enables easy integration into package design and container machine rooms, as well as simple installation in tight spaces with limited accessibility. Most notably, footprint and package height are minimized, which creates savings in insulation and associated piping.

The steam generator delivered was a PSHE 6/5HH- 266/1/1 combined fully in stainless steel complete with pressure relief, level indicator, blowdown, inspection, sample and CIP connections. The condensate cooler 3HH-82/1/1 was installed after the steam trap, designed to handle two-phase flow.

Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger Combined
Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger Combined