Reliability of Performance and Delivery at US Cold Storage Plants

Innovative Refrigeration Systems provides turnkey design and building services and industrial refrigeration systems. Vahterus has been the company’s partner in supplying heat exchangers since 2010. When its customer, United State Cold Storage, wanted to increase its blast-freezing capacity in the Dallas market, Innovative Refrigeration Systems looked to Vahterus for reliability of performance and delivery.

The fully welded structure of Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger is known for its capacity to withstand high pressures. In this project, this capacity was really put to the test. The CO2 plant operated at much higher pressure than typical refrigeration systems, which usually function at 250 psi (17 bar). The US Cold Storage plants were pressure tested at 750 psi (52 bar).

Before the cooperation with Vahterus, Innovative Refrigeration Systems was using another heat exchanger that was made in the US. It was similar to the Vahterus product, but was less reliable. ‘We weren’t getting the same robust performance as we get with Vahterus’, says Michael McGinnis, President at Innovative Refrigeration Systems. ‘We switched to Vahterus in 2010, and we’ve been very happy with the performance of their equipment and personnel.’