New Vahterus Multi-Condenser in 1.4 MW Heat Pump in Lithuania

Vahterus’ long-term customer UAB Green Group, an engineering company and contractor from Lithuania, has to date installed nine ammonia heat-pump systems to Lithuanian firms, with a total heating capacity exceeding 7 MW. Earlier this year, it supplied a 1.4 MW ammonia heat pump to one of the largest Lithuanian meat-processing plants, Biovela – Utena Meat. The pump has a COP of 7.2 – 8.25, depending on the operating conditions.

Vahterus supplied a 1.4 MW Vahterus PSHE Multi-Condenser for the pump, in which an ammonia desuperheater and condenser are integrated in the same shell. Additionally, an ammonia liquid subcooler was installed below the Multi-Condenser. Today, Vahterus is able to integrate all three elements – desuperheater, condenser and subcooler – into the same shell.

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A 1.4 MW Vahterus PSHE Multi-Condenser as a part of a heat pump package