Heat Exchanger for Extreme Temperature Conditions with Close Approach Temperatures

A few years ago, Vahterus visited one of the largest food producers in Kazakhstan. The company was facing a challenge in the deodorization process of its sunflower oil.

The brazed plate heat exchangers installed at the plant were struggling to handle the extreme temperature difference required by the deodorization process, leading to occasional leakages. Apart from a temperature difference of 130°C between the hot and cold oils on the inlets, there was also a requirement for the exchanger to handle close approach temperatures.

The customer decided to replace the old exchangers with Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers, using them as recuperative interchangers, designed to handle mean temperature differences on the inlet of up to 190°C. Further, to deal with the close approach temperatures, the design consisted of a multi-pass solution, which operates optimally when the media are in close contact with each other. Due to the fully welded construction of its exchangers, Vahterus can always produce as many passes as are needed.

The customer was highly satisfied with the reliability of the Vahterus heat exchangers over time, as well as the absence of gaskets to be replaced. The Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger was a perfect fit for extreme temperature conditions with close approach temperatures.