Benefits of the PSHE Technology

Energy efficient

The strong turbulent flow between the plates in a Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger (PSHE) makes the process highly energy-efficient. Unlike with traditional plate heat exchangers, circulation is possible at higher temperatures and pressure. PSHEs are also compatible with strict temperature programmes. In district heating applications, for example, every extra degree of temperature recovered translates directly to money saved.


Our PSHEs are 60–70% smaller than traditional shell & tube heat exchangers. Thanks to their compactness, PSHEs are an excellent choice for retrofitting. PSHEs are also light, and thus easy to transport and install. They can be used in locations where weight limits apply, and require no additional support structures.


To achieve the best possible solution for your needs, the heat exchanger is designed with your input from the very beginning. Our years of experience mean we know heat exchangers inside out, so you can count on us to supply systems optimised for even the most challenging conditions. Accurate thermal sizing maximises benefits while minimising costs and material consumption.

Fully welded

PSHEs are constructed to be strong, compact and safe. They withstand extremely high pressure, stress variation and thermal shocks. Like the plate pack, the surrounding shell is fully welded. The plate pack and shell are not, however, welded together, which allows them to expand and contract with heat variation. The plate pack consists of circular plates, which guarantees even distribution of stress.

Easy maintenance

The welded construction of our PSHEs makes them reliable and easy to maintain. They have no gaskets, so there’s no risk of them breaking or leaking. In addition, PSHEs are not susceptible to fouling. We can customise efficient heat exchanger cleaning systems for even the toughest of environments.