PSHE Combined C

S8 A2578
Vahterus Plate & Shell Combined C

Combined evaporator for even more compact refrigeration packages.

Vahterus has developed a second-generation combined evaporator, Combined C, for even more compact refrigeration packages. The model has an ammonia suction connection on the end plate of the shell. The connection size will be matched to the shell size of the unit. Another innovation is the location of the ammonia injection close to the outer shell. The top of the shell is designed so that it will remain free from any connections. This will enable the positioning of other components such as a condenser on top of the evaporator, with only a small space for insulation required between the units.

The Combined C is a very safe solution for Ammonia with low charge.

Download a product sheet here.

Key Applications

  • Water / Glycol Chillers
  • Cascade units
  • Economizers

Key Industries