Reliability of Performance and Delivery at US Cold Storage Plants

Innovative Refrigeration Systems provides turnkey design and building services and industrial refrigeration systems. Vahterus has been the company’s partner in supplying heat exchangers since 2010. When its customer, United State Cold Storage, wanted to increase its blast-freezing capacity in the Dallas market, Innovative Refrigeration Systems looked to Vahterus for reliability of performance and delivery.

The fully welded structure of Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger is known for its capacity to withstand high pressures. In this project, this capacity was really put to the test. The CO2 plant operated at much higher pressure than typical refrigeration systems, which usually function

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10 MW Heat Pump System to Boost a Volcanic District Heating Solution in Reykjavik

In 1973, a volcano erupted on the island of Vestmannaeyjar, spreading lava over half the town. Sveinbjörn Jansson from Reykjavik came up with the idea of utilising the heat from the lava for space heating, creating the world’s first and only volcanic district heating system. By 1988, the heat from the lava had reduced, making it necessary to find alternative energy sources for residential heating.

Vahterus, together with Johnson Controls, helped the local energy company HS Veitur hf develop a 10 MW heat pump system to boost the district heating system, a closed loop solution, where after usage, water gets

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Vahterus Ring - An Energy-optimised Ski Tunnel Using Natural Refrigeration

Even if we get a rainy autumn, there will be at least one fully functioning ski track in Uusikaupunki – Vahterus Ring.

The 1 km long Vahterus Ring is the only ski tunnel in the world to use natural refrigerant in the form of carbon dioxide. The result of a snowless winter in Southwest Finland, it was completed in spring 2005.

Refrigeration units on both the north and south sides of the tunnel can be independently adjusted, for example when the spring sun warms the south side to a higher degree than the north. A tube runs 500 metres from

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Vahterus Combined Generating Clean Steam for Vanilla Cream Production

Orkla is the Nordic region’s leading player in brands and concept solutions for grocery retail and large households.

In 2004, Orkla acquired a Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger (PSHE) with separate droplet separator for steam generation. Orkla had a very positive experience with the steam generator, which was in operation for more than ten years without any issues. When Orkla Foods Sweden needed an additional steam generator skid for its new vanilla cream production line, the company started to look at a new Vahterus exchanger, together with one of our local distributors in Sweden, Spirax Sarco.

The task for the new unit was

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Extreme Temperature Conditions in Deodorization Process

A few years ago, Vahterus visited one of the largest food producers in Kazakhstan. The company was facing a challenge in the deodorization process of its sunflower oil.

The brazed plate heat exchangers installed at the plant were struggling to handle the extreme temperature difference required by the deodorization process, leading to occasional leakages. Apart from a temperature difference of 130°C between the hot and cold oils on the inlets, there was also a requirement for the exchanger to handle close approach temperatures.

The customer decided to replace the old exchangers with Vahterus Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers, using them as

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