Vahterus and Finland on Ice!

Last Friday 14 February 2020 I was fortunate to be invited to attend the NHL Stadium Series game between the Colorado Avalanche and the LA Kings at the US Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs. What an event staged by the NHL with Finnish connections prevalent throughout the weekend.

Sincere thanks to Chemours for hosting a wonderful event on Friday evening, gathering NHL Officers and Partners, all working to provide excellence and environmental consciousness within the refrigeration technology utilized in rinks.

Friday evening provided not only a chance to get my hands on the Stanley Cup, but to also meet a Finnish sporting hero, Mikko Rantanen. Mikko was selected in the first round, 10th overall, by the Avalanche in the NHL 2015 draft and hails from Nousiainen, Finland, which is only a short distance from Vahterus factory and global headquarters.

Finland is not only represented on the ice in NHL Stadium Series games. In one of the NHL Mobile Refrigeration Units, a Vahterus Plate & Shell chiller is working to provide the chilled glycol to the rink floor. Footprint is at a premium in the mobile units and Vahterus PSHE is an ideal solution, providing a compact and thermally efficient solution with very low refrigerant charge. In our fully welded exchangers integrity in such applications is assured, notably when the Ice Hockey World is watching.

On a personal note, it was great to see Jose Mergulhao and Luke Facemyer from Stellar Refrigeration, as well as Ian Storey, a leading consultant in Ice Rink technology. Watching the game only a few seats away from Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg provided the icing on the cake!

For those seeking a gasket free, high integrity, compact heat exchanger solution, please contact us at Vahterus. With a footprint approximately 25% of an equivalent Shell & Tube exchanger, package design and layout can be optimized; whilst at the same time helping the planet by considerably reducing the refrigerant charge of the system.

Dr Jonathan Pascoe

Vahterus Americas

Air Force Academy Stadium
US Air Force Academy Stadium in Colorado Springs
Jonathan Pascoe and Mikko Rantanen
Jonathan Pascoe and NHL hockey player Mikko Rantanen
Jonathan Pascoe and Stanley Cup
Jonathan Pascoe and Stanley Cup