Digital and heat exchangers

The combination of digital and heat exchange technology might sound surprising, but at Vahterus, digital plays an increasingly important role in everything we do as a man-ufacturer of welded heat exchangers. It’s critical in our siz-ing software, production technology, sales and marketing, customer service and account management, as well as in analysing and monitoring our processes. Today, nancial administration would be impossible without digital tech-nology. Sales and marketing have already moved to digi-tal channels in many industries, but in the heat exchange sector this transformation is still in its early stages.

As such, it is one

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Even more compact, Combined C

The Vahterus combined evaporator has been on the market for several years and has been used in various refrigeration systems all around the world. Its original design has been a great success.

The evaporator combines an effective flooded evaporator and a droplet separator in one shell. This system eliminates the need for an external droplet separation drum, thus saving on piping work, insulation requirements and room height.

Vahterus is always actively developing products for refrigeration markets. We have collected information from users and contractors in order to further improve the combined evaporator. This has allowed us to develop our second-generation

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Simulation Competition for Engineering Students

This autumn, Vahterus is collaborating with Turku University of Applied Sciences and EDRMedeso on a student competition for fourth-year mechanical engineering students. Students will be given the opportunity to test simulation tools by EDRMedeso, a leading provider of simulation software. The aim is to design a simulation solution for an impingement plate that protects heat exchangers from mechanical erosion.

3D simulation is a growing segment of modern product-development work. It allows for designs to be evaluated quickly and cost-efficiently because problems and flaws can be identified early on in the design process without expensive physical prototyping. Using computational fluid dynamics

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Going the Extra Mile Seals the Deal

Customer accounts are shared between key account managers and sales engineers. Everyone is responsible for keeping in touch with their own customers and replying to their requests for quotations. Although each team member works independently, problems are solved together, and during the busiest times, help is never far away.

A typical case begins when a customer contacts Vahterus with a request for quotation. A sales engineer or key account manager then seeks the best solution that can be supplied, within an efficient timeframe. Budget, installation location and available space are common factors that need to be considered. When the structure, price

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IIR Establishes a Working Group to Promote Refrigeration Safety

Over the last 150 years, we have learned how to use a number of different refrigerants. The first refrigerants were ammonia, ethers, methyl chloride, air and CO2. Later, hydrocarbons emerged, and in 1930s we saw the first series of CFCs, mainly R-11 and R-12, emerging on the market, followed by HCFCs such as R-22 and R-502. Of those refrigerants that preceded CFCs, only ammonia remained on the mainstream market, with CO2 and the hydrocarbons disappearing. Ammonia was used in large industrial systems in many countries because it was very energy efficient.

Over the years, accidents happened when working with these

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Winning Collaboration Between Vahterus and Refrigeration Specialist John Wijbenga

Born in the Netherlands, John Wijbenga gained knowledge of construction work and material handling early, while working in his family smithy during his school years. He studied mechanics, energy production, controls and refrigeration before he began his professional life as a project engineer in industrial refrigeration, a job where everything he had learned seemed to come together.

At that time, the main refrigerant in industrial refrigeration was ammonia, and the fundamentals for systems with ammonia became Wijbenga’s key interest. They have remained so for his entire professional life.

In 1984, Wijbenga started his company, WijbengaEngineering, which focused on specific-application engineering

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Industry insights

Chemical and Process

Marko Rantala, Sales Director at Vahterus

In the previous issue of Hot & Cold, I talked about sustainable solutions in the chemical and process industries. This time, I want to talk about the slow process of finding and applying them. Change requires resilience, focus and patience. It happens slowly. Sometimes you need to find some distance, take an outsider perspective, to see it happening. People grow, and knowledge develops. Little by little, words, thoughts and actions change attitudes and suddenly ambitions that once seemed far away become possible. Our experience confirms the validity of our initial

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Improvement is Built on Solution Orientation

How long have you been with Vahterus?

I started working at Vahterus in 1991, so I’ve been here for more than 27 years.

What’s your work history in the company?

At first, I worked with the plate packs as a welder. After two years, I became Production Foreman. Between 1995 and 2007 I worked as a Maintenance Foreman and Welding Coordinator, and in 2007 I was made a Quality Manager. Since 2009, I’ve also been responsible for the tasks of Occupational Safety Manager and Environment Manager.

What do you like best about your job?

My work is versatile and varied, and

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