A little history

In the late 1980s, we began to develop a completely new type of heat exchanger. This effort was based on the work experience that I had gained from the design and manufacture of gasketed plate heat exchangers. We wanted to see if it was possible to integrate and combine the Shell & Tube heat exchanger’s tolerance of pressure and temperature with the superior heat transfer qualifies of a Plate & Frame heat exchanger. The aim was to create a new-generation heat exchanger construction that would be suitable for a wide range of applications. This development work resulted in

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Vahterus Introduces Size 12 Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger

PSHE 12 offers a large heat transfer plate with the traditional round shape and corrugation angles. The diameter of the plate is close to 1200 mm and the portholes are DN250. Size 12 fills the gap between sizes 9 and 14. The standard internal diameter of the shell size is 1370 mm. The corrugation angles of the size 12 plate follow the tried and tested shape of size 9. Both HH and LL corrugation angles are available, which provide excellent heat transfer. Another great advantage of the size 12 is the wide range of applicable materials, such as stainless steel

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Vahterus Service Available

Vahterus Service can offer a Performance Check of existing heat exchangers. Tests can be done either in-house at Vahterus facility or on site.

Site tests are made together with the customer to validate the condition of the heat exchanger. Vahterus can assist with flow metring or other measurements if required. Typical site-visit validation includes a visual inspection of the unit, performance analysis and recommendations for the future.

Site visits can be made either when commissioning or after several years of use. Sometimes it is a good idea to return the unit to Vahterus for a thorough check. This inspection always

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Everyone Benefits from Smart Cooperation

The cooperation between Vahterus and the power plant began with a discussion between Tapani Bastman, former CEO of TSE, and Mauri Kontu, Founder and CEO of Vahterus, about challenges in product development.

Vahterus products are frequently installed in power plants, and continuous testing is required. TSE wanted to provide an innovative Finnish company with a platform for improving and developing products in a way that also benefits the energy industry.

In 2014, Vahterus leased a facility for a steam laboratory in the Naantali power plant. The plant also provides Vahterus with the steam necessary for testing. The laboratory is unique

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Failure is the Seed of Success in an Innovation-friendly Environment

Maintaining the competitiveness of a company necessitates continuous research and development, and Vahterus has decided to make major investments in this area. Everything boils down to developing existing heat-exchanger solutions and understanding customer processes. If you are unaware of customer needs, it is impossible to spot the features that can be improved and the ways in which this can be done.

The Vahterus R&D team is part of the company’s Customer Service department, which includes the Quality team. The department is directed by Customer Service Director Valtteri Haavisto, who is responsible for the customer interface.

The R&D team consists of six people

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Transformations in Refrigeration Industry Rules and Technology are Helping to Boost Innovation

The Future of Refrigeration

As the president of the IIAR, I’m often asked what I foresee for the future of refrigeration. The question is complex because there are so many elements and aspects of this industry to consider. But what I can say, simply put, is that the future is an exciting one full of change.

To assess what the future holds, it’s crucial to look back at what we’ve seen occurring in the industry from past to present and how regulatory changes and technology have helped catapult innovation.

The Impact of Regulatory Changes

I’ve witnessed more transformations in this

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A Little Stress Can Be Rewarding

What is your work history at Vahterus?

I came here nearly eight years ago. I joined the company in summer 2011, after having graduated from Novida Vocational College, where I specialised in machinery and metalwork. I completed my final practical training at Vahterus, so the decision to apply for a job here was easy.

What is your job?

I’m the operator on the laser-cutting line in heat exchanger plate production. Before this, I worked on the robotic plate production line and pressure testing.

Can you describe a typical day at work?

Laser cutting involves monitoring, many types of adjustments, quality

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Industry Insights

Chemical and Process

Marko Rantala, Sales Director at Vahterus

Many of our customers are currently focusing on environmentally friendly cooling and heating projects of our customers, together with their surrounding industries and societies. The Hungarian manufacturer of bioethanol, Pannonia Bio (see page 27), for example, uses the energy from process steam to produce vapour. A Chinese chemical plant (see page 34) utilises the energy needed to evaporate liquid ethene to cool down its processes.

The need for energy integration grows as we fight against the climate crisis. Process industry offers a huge potential for manufacturing district heating. Larger units, such as oil

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