Looking back at 2017

There was – and still is – a great positivity in the market sectors in which Vahterus operates globally. Our turnover grew by 11% compared to last year. The markets were particularly favourable in industrial refrigeration and LNG applications.

Thank you for making our collaboration successful. I would also like to extend special thanks to our entire staff, who made all of this possible, as well as showing extraordinary flexibility when our production load was at its peak at the end of last year. This is how we were able to ensure a high level of delivery

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Slimmer Sibling for Vahterus Plate Family

The family of Vahterus heat transfer plates continues to grow with a new plate. The slimmer plates, launched in mid-2018, use the shape of an athletics field, combined with the same optimal corrugation options as the Vahterusround plates. Plate configurations are designated SH or SL depending on the corrugation angle, where S standsfor ‘slim’, and H or L for ‘high’ or ‘low’ heat transfer plate corrugation options. This new plate type is designed for application in gas heating and cooling, but alternative uses are certainly possible in the future. The Vahterus slim plate has a longer flow path on the

Valtteri Haavisto, Customer Service Director at Vahterus

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Testing with HTRI in Navasota, Texas

As Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers gain acceptance in the process industry, many potential users are seeking validated performance data of the latest commercial plate technology so that they can be assured of adequate operation. HTRI, a leading source of process heat-transfer technology, is working with Vahterus to assess the PSHE performance for liquid-liquid and boiling service.

Vahterus shipped two test exchangers to HTRI’s multimillion-dollar Research & Technology Center (RTC) in Navasota, Texas, USA. HTRI installed one in the Liquid- Liquid Heat Exchanger Test Unit for water-water tests and the other in the Prototype Test Unit for boiling tests with

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We Have a New Look

Vahterus’s visual identity has been built up over the last 27 years. During that time, our company has grown significantly. We’ve invented new technologies and supplied premium heat exchanger solutions to customers all over the world. This spring, we decided it was time our visual identity reflected the creativity and confidence achieved by our products and business.

The magazine you’re reading is one example of our new visual identity in action. The colours, typography and new brand imagery all follow our updated guidelines.

Visual identity can easily be dismissed as just a ‘look’. However, a meaningful and consistent visual identity

Hanna Kontu, Head of Identity Remake Concept, Board Member at Vahterus

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Export Credit Agency Finnvera Helps Vahterus Secure Customer Financing

Finnvera is a specialist financing company owned by the State of Finland and the official Export Credit Agency of Finland. One of Finnvera’s main goals is to improve the competitiveness of Finnish small and medium-sized export enterprises. Guarantees granted by Finnvera usually help a foreign buyer get financing with a longer repayment horizon and, in some cases, at better rates than those offered in the local private sector. This year, one of Finnvera’s main focus areas is to provide guidance on financial and risk management of export business for SMEs.

In the European Union and elsewhere in the West, a

Erno Ihto, Senior Advisor at Finnvera

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The Best Reward Is Seeing Everything Fall into Place

”No two projects are ever the same because customer requirements vary. The challenge of the job is to produce a product that’s perfect for its purpose”, says Anna-Leena Huhta-Aho. Huhta-aho graduated from the Tampere University of Technology and has worked as a project managerat Vahterus for 11 years.

It was the challenging nature of thermal technology that made her choose it as her major. ”I’m still learning something new every day, even after so many years in the industry”, she explains.

Orders that include special requirements are managed as projects. In these cases, the project manager is the ‘master of

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Top Quality For Demanding Conditions

Without a plate pack, you wouldn’t have a heat exchanger, only a pressure vessel. Vahterus heat exchangers have no gaskets because their structure is completely welded. In order for the heat exchanger to work as planned, the welding must be of the highest quality. Vahterus’s welding engineer Tuomas Hokkanen and quality engineer Lassi Forsström explain that the key to ensuring this is continuous improvement of methods and strict quality control.

”As new materials arrive all the time we need to develop our welding methods. Today, we’re welding titanium, pure nickel, nickel alloy and super austenitic steels in addition to 316L

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Industry Insights


Heikki Oksanen, Business Manager at Vahterus

In 2017 Finnish president Sauli Niinistö met within a short space of time the heads of state of Russia, China and the USA. Climate change and its consequences were a topic of conversation at all of these meetings; no one knows in any detail what the future holds.

When a hole in the ozone layer was discovered, a hunt for the reasons behind it immediately began, and it was revealed that refrigerants with high ODPs were one of the causes. Following the 1987 Montreal Protocol, their usage and availability has been

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Developing Business and People with a Desire to Grow

What is your work history with Vahterus?

I have been working here since February 2011. I established our China operations, first Vahterus Shanghai for trading business in 2011, followed by Vahterus Zhangjiagang, the assembly plant, in 2012. In August 2015, I moved to Australia with my family, and became our local contact for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

What do you like best about your job?

The best part of my job is to see the team we’ve recruited for Vahterus China grow up so much over the years, in both professional skills as well as team work spirit

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​Colonial Pipeline Runs Between the Gulf Coast and the New York Harbor Area

Colonial Pipeline, headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, is the largest US refined products pipeline system and can carry more than three million barrels of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel between the US Gulf Coast and the New York Harbor area. The company was founded in 1961 and construction of the pipeline began in 1962. The pipeline is 5,500 miles (8,850 km) long. Colonial own the pipeline but no gasoline; they act as a carrier (just like DHL or UPS).

The pipeline, originating at Houston, Texas, on the Gulf Coast and terminating at the Port of New York and New Jersey, travels through

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Fast delivery of Hastelloy Heat Exchangers to Kisuma Plant in the Netherlands

Kisuma Chemicals produces high-purity synthetic magnesium compounds and is one the world’s largest manufacturers of synthetic hydrotalcite. It’s located in the northern part of the Netherlands and is a subsidiary of the Japanese Kyowa Group, the first company in the world to succeed in the industrial synthesis of hydrotalcite.

Vahterus’s representative, Kapp Netherlands, contacted us with an urgent request for two heat exchangers for Kisuma’s plant in the Netherlands. These product coolers would replace old spiral heat exchangers, which were broken and unable to support the production needs of the plant. The most critical issue was the delivery time. Installation

Krista Karjala, Key Account Manager at Vahterus

Note from Ray Nahar, Project Engineer at Kapp Nederland:

”On behalf of Kapp and the end-customer, I sincerely thank Vahterus’s project team for their commitment and pro-active efforts in ensuring that everything happened according to plan. Making challenges like this happen, in the real world, makes me proud and happy to work with Vahterus.”

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NH3 Recovery System in Richards Bay, South Africa

Omnia Limited is a manufacturer of chemicals and specialist products for the chemical, mining and agricultural industries.

The Omnia industrial complex is situated in Sasolburg, Free State, in South Africa, and consists of a nitric acid plant, ammonium nitrate (liquid) plant and porous ammonium nitrate (solids) plant.

Within this complex, the most important and primary feedstock for the production of nitric acid and ammonium nitrate, is ammonia. Omnia’s nitrate and ammonium plants in Sasolburg are supplied with imported ammonia and Omnia operate an ammonia off-loading station in Richard’s Bay, KwaZulu-Natal North, a few kilometres from the Richards Bay Harbor.


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Vahterus Supplies PSHEs to thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’s Urea Plants

The thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions has been engineering and building nitrogenous fertiliser plants, based on technology developed by Uhde, for about 90 years, and is a leading supplier in this field. Since 1994 alone, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions has provided new ammonia plants, which provide a total production capacity of over 14 million metric tons, as well as upgrading nine existing ammonia plants.

One of the key applications for thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions is urea plants. Urea is formed by reacting ammonia with carbon dioxide. The urea production process consists of synthesis, recirculation, evaporation, desorption, hydrolysis and granulation. Vahterus Plate & Shell technology

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Vahterus’s PSHEs Meet INERATEC’s Demands for Effective Heat Recovery

INERATEC packages compact chemical plants into containers, in which Fischer-Tropsch fuels and chemical materials are produced efficiently from various gases. Offering compact chemical systems for Gas-to-Liquid, Power-to-Liquid and Power-to-Gas processes, INERATEC utilises innovative technology, based on compact microstructured chemical reactors. These enable the integration of an entire chemical plant into transportable containers. Their compact reactor technology allows dynamic, safe and efficient operation of highly exothermic and endothermic chemical reactions, such as Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Significant competitive advantages arise due to the decentralised scale, with INERATEC providing services ranging from engineering and construction to the commissioning and maintenance of the units.


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Chinese Edible Oil Refinery Plants Operate with Vahterus’s Heat Exchangers

China is famous for its wide variety of culinary options and flavours. An important element in Chinese cooking is the oil in which the dishes are prepared. With 1.38 billion people’s appetites to satisfy, China is one of the biggest edible-oil refinery centres in the world. In the Tianjin area alone, 4,600 tons of soya beans are processed each day. The process in an edible-oil refinery includes four main steps: degumming, neutralisation, bleaching and deodorisation. Edible oil deodorisation is carried out on an industrial scale using different methods (continuous, semi-continuous or batchwise) with the process requiring the vegetable oil to

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