Top Quality For Demanding Conditions

Without a plate pack, you wouldn’t have a heat exchanger, only a pressure vessel. Vahterus heat exchangers have no gaskets because their structure is completely welded. In order for the heat exchanger to work as planned, the welding must be of the highest quality. Vahterus’s welding engineer Tuomas Hokkanen and quality engineer Lassi Forsström explain that the key to ensuring this is continuous improvement of methods and strict quality control.

”As new materials arrive all the time we need to develop our welding methods. Today, we’re welding titanium, pure nickel, nickel alloy and super austenitic steels in addition to 316L

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The Best Reward Is Seeing Everything Fall into Place

”No two projects are ever the same because customer requirements vary. The challenge of the job is to produce a product that’s perfect for its purpose”, says Anna-Leena Huhta-Aho. Huhta-aho graduated from the Tampere University of Technology and has worked as a project managerat Vahterus for 11 years.

It was the challenging nature of thermal technology that made her choose it as her major. ”I’m still learning something new every day, even after so many years in the industry”, she explains.

Orders that include special requirements are managed as projects. In these cases, the project manager is the ‘master of

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Going the Extra Mile Seals the Deal

Customer accounts are shared between key account managers and sales engineers. Everyone is responsiblefor keeping in touch with their own customers and replying to their requests for quotations. Although each team member works independently, problems are solved together, and during the busiest times, help is never far away.

A typical case begins when a customer contacts Vahterus with a request for quotation. A sales engineer or key account manager then seeks the best solution that can be supplied, within an efficient timeframe. Budget, installation location and available space are common factors that need to be considered. When the structure, price and

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