Vahterus 2017

This year is set to be a significant year in terms of growth for Vahterus. We have expanded internationally, launching operations in South Korea and Australia. This year has also been one of constant renewal. Even though you have rated our operations as good or even commendable, we would like to assure you that we will continue to develop based on the ideas and feedback you have provided to us. With our new organisation we aim to provide faster and more in-depth customer service, as well as taking even more into account the feedback you have provided to us.

The constant streamlining of products and operating processes should be an everyday guiding principle for all Vahterus staff, to ensure competitiveness, renewal and success in future ventures. Development also requires investment in technology. Our investments equated to approximately 8% of our turnover this year. This was only possible because our operations are based around a healthy financial situation. I would once again like to thank you, our partners, for your confidence, and all of our active staff for our fruitful work together. We employ more than 250 staff members around the world, including in Finland, Germany, the UK, the USA, China, Australia and South Korea. This is a good starting point for our 28th year of operations.

Dynamo 100 and 2018

2018 is fast approaching. We have been wondering how we should develop our business and what direction to take in order to be able to serve you even better than before. At Vahterus, the direction of our operations is defined by our Dynamo 100 strategy. Dynamo 100 aims to build on strong, profitable growth with the welded plate heat exchangers that we have developed, based on Plate&Shell PSHE technology. We were the first in the world to bring you PSHE heat exchanger technology. I believe that PSHE technology will replace traditional heat exchangers with gaskets and large-scale tube exchangers to a growing extent in many applications, particularly within the chemical and process and energy industries, as well as in industrial refrigeration.

We are investing heavily in developing our expertise. Our mission is to become a pioneer of plate heat transfer. The ongoing development of sales channels and investment in digital technology, social media, and personnel expertise will play a particularly important role in achieving this goal.
I am convinced that we are world-leading experts in PSHE technology, and this is a position we wish to retain. We are also looking forward to surprising you with our new ideas. We want to find new ways to make our partnership even more efficient and focused on the long-term perspective, taking advantage of select applications. We look forward to seeing the results. Challenge us. I believe that we will succeed.

Finland 100

This year, our home country of Finland is celebrating 100 years of independence. By working together, we've been able to develop our nation into one of the most affluent countries in the world. At the same time, we have also evolved from an agricultural society to a technologically advanced country. For us Finns, 100 years of independence is a source of great pride and appreciation for previous generations. It is also a resource with which we can build our future. Without the generations who came before us, 100 years of independence, and the industrious development work that has occurred would have been impossible. They should be thanked and honoured, and their example should form the inspiration and building blocks for our future.

Our company values – Customer is number one, Eagerness to innovate, Will to succeed – are based on our strong local roots and our belief that Vahterus has the right ideas to benefit you for a long time to come.

Together we succeed,
Mauri Kontu