Vahterus celebrated its 25 years in business, and now we're back to work. Once again I want to thank you all for our years together.

A brand new international study on the heat exchanger market shows that Vahterus is a market leader in Plate&Shell heat exchangers. We are also the third biggest manufacturer of welded heat exchangers in the world. The study estimates that in the next five years, we will see a growth of over five per cent in the heat exchanger market. In the field of welded heat exchangers, the growth will be even more rapid. This tells us that the customers are looking for more compact, efficient and low-charge heat exchangers. The Plate&Shell heat exchanger developed by Vahterus meets all these future requirements. Throughout our years in business, it has been important to us to tailor every heat exchanger to fit your specific application. This profound cooperation has made our growth and development possible. Other key elements in our growth are continuous development of our products and renewal of our processes. As a result of these changes, our delivery times are half of what they were three years ago, and our delivery reliability has gone up to 95 per cent. We will continue to grow and develop into the future. To make future development possible, we need to be at the forefront of digitalization and put great effort into building a multi-channel distribution network.

Another significant observation during the past few years is that the manufacturing of heat exchangers is concentrated to big manufacturers. This has resulted in a situation where very little effort is put into the development of heat exchangers. Instead, companies are targeting their resources into gaining growth in the market. Also in this respect, I see an opportunity for Vahterus to continue to be an agile, innovative, competitive and independent manufacturer of heat exchangers. We concentrate our effort into pioneering instead of copying. Our motivated personnel as well as the inspiring cooperation with you continue to be the keys to success heading into the future.

Sales meeting 2016

In the beginning of September, retailers from around the world gathered together to meet in Kalanti. The event was encouraging and inspiring. We had the chance to learn from one another’s success. We also got several new ideas on how to further develop the Plate&Shell and on new possible applications. In two years, we will meet again and bring together even more people.


In October, the Chillventa refrigeration exhibition in Nuremberg will bring together the world's leading experts in the industry. We will be there to exhibit our latest ideas and newest products.
I believe we will see at Chillventa an increasing number of environmentally friendly future refrigeration solutions, with ammonia and carbon dioxide as preferred refrigerants. We want to continue to be the world leader in the development of heat exchangers, and we want to do it with you.

Together we succeed
Mauri Kontu