PSHE is a cost-effective and nearly maintenance-free solution, thanks to its easy cleaning and acid-proof structure.

This unique solution developed by Vahterus is based on cross flow heat exchange. It enables high-viscosity medium being run through the heat exchanger with minimal contamination. The medium has a nearly direct channel, but the system still enables highly efficient heat exchange. This solution makes the product nearly maintenance-free, which means you will save in costs compared to an ordinary solution.

Even in these demanding conditions, Vahterus PSHE has proved to be a highly functional solution.  The design is openable so that the pack of plates can easily be washed with a pressure washer. The procedure is simple and easy to carry out when needed.

Stopping a paper machine due to failure in the heat exchanger would cause remarkable losses in the production. The fully welded structure of Vahterus PSHE is more reliable compared to heat exchangers with gaskets or to brazed heat exchangers. Compared to tube heat exchangers, PSHE is a notably more space-efficient and also cost-efficient solution due to its acid-proof structure.

Valmet is the world’s leading technology and service supplier for pulp, paper and energy industries. Its history in the industry goes back over 200 years. Valmet's long-term cooperation with Vahterus started ten years ago, when the first Plate & Shell heat exchangers were delivered to Valmet’s paper factory in Kauttua.

Vahterus PSHE is used in the machine circulation of the paper machine’s curtain-coating station. The purpose of the heat exchanger is to either cool or heat the coating paste used for coating paper or cardboard. The cooling or heating is done by circulating water on the primary side of the heat exchanger. Even though the temperature of the paste coming from the coating kitchen may vary, the heat exchanger stabilises the temperature for the air-removal process.

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