PSHE with its compact size and reasonable costs has proven to be an excellent solution for the industrial gas sector.

– Vahterus PSHE technology gives us a clear advantage with its compact size. Smaller size means that the product is easier to handle. Also, the final size of the process skid is smaller, which makes over-seas shipping more economical, says László Silóczki, the Plant Engineering Manager of Linde Gas Hungary.

Linde Gas Hungary is responsible for designing and building complete N2O production process skids. Previously, Linde Gas Hungary used shell & tube technology in their process skids. In 2004, a Hungarian design office introduced them to fully welded PSHE technology, which resulted in immediate interest. The PSHE technology has proven to be a particularly functional solution in installations for nitrous oxide (N2O) production.

– Plate & shell heat exchangers used in the skid are manufactured using only stainless steel materials, so the price advantage of PSHE compared to shell & tube technology is clear, Silóczki continues.

Vahterus PSHE are used for the gas cooler, for condensing of water, and in the liquefaction of nitrous oxide gas. With fully welded PSHE, condensate and inert removal can be done within the heat exchanger itself. Thus, there is no need for an external separation vessel.

Silóczki says that he is very pleased with Vahterus PSHE heat exchangers. According to him, especially the units in the cooler and condenser have been reliable and trouble-free. Over the years, Vahterus has carried out research and development procedures according to Linde Gas Hungary’s wishes, in order to create the best possible PSHE for their needs.

Silóczki predicts that in the future there will be demand for smaller N2O production lines, also. In these smaller process skids, the compact size of Vahterus PSHE is even more important a factor.