At Vahterus, we want to keep up fruitful cooperation and good customer service even after the heat exchanger is delivered. Our aim is to serve and support our customers every step of the way throughout the heat exchanger’s lifespan.
At the beginning of 2016, Vahterus launched a new department called Vahterus Service to provide our heat exchanger customers with after sales care. We offer a range of after sales services such as:
•    trainings
•    site support
•    cleaning services
•    maintenance and repair services
•    start-up procedures

Powerful combination of internal knowledge and external expertise

The new Vahterus Service department communicates across the entire organization, working closely and sharing knowledge with the Sales, Technology and Production departments. This internal heat exchanger expertise is combined with knowledge from external experts, such as process designers, cleaning experts and metallurgists, in order to provide high-quality after sales support for our customers.

Service activities already proving successful

The short term target for the Service activity launch is to shorten the handling times in after sales activities and to strengthen internal troubleshooting skills. The first months have shown that these important targets are already being met, and we have been able to consolidate our after sales activities.
Vahterus continues to stand in the frontline developing new service methods so that our customers can get the best out of the unique Plate & Shell heat exchangers. For instance, in the near future we will extend our service network in key locations so the customers can get local services even faster.

Valtteri Haavisto, Service Manager